Choosing a partner to meet your legislative responsibilities is an important thing that you cannot underestimate.
We have prepared the service for you so that you can continue to devote yourself to your business in peace.
Time saving

Evidence, archiving, verification of KÚV, PEP, etc. It also takes 14 hours for each new case if done manually. OK AML will automatically arrange this agenda for you.

Stable partner

Digital Systems is an international AML expert for leading financial institutions. You will be able to rely on us in the future as well.


You are safe with our service. We are insured for liability for damage.


We take the utmost care of data protection and cyber security. The system is monitored non-stop and audited by leading security companies.

Legislative protection

We provide the service in accordance with the latest legislation. That is why we cooperate with leading law firms.

Regular updates

OK AML updates are running in the background. You don't have to install anything or follow the legislation. The system will notify you of the news itself.

Consultations and program of own activities

You have a system at your disposal that will help you work according to your own program.

We will also be happy to provide you with consultations if your agenda is more comprehensive. We will develop a program of our own activities and tailor the processes in OK AML.

What do our customers say about us?

OK AML is a service that allows us to reliably check the sides of a business case and we can safely do our business further.

Richard M.

Reality Office

For large projects, meeting legal obligations manually would be quite challenging, now we have the right tool.

Peter H.


As one of the largest law firms in Slovakia, we are still looking for ways to increase the security of our customers' business transactions. It is OK AML that can provide us with this higher standard of service.

Dávid O.

Law office

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