Your duty in a Trade or Business Relationship is:


  • Assess and evaluate risks
  • Keep written records of trade assessments
  • Determining the origin of funds or assets
  • In defined circumstances, refuse to trade or enter into a business relationship
  • Report an unusual business operation to the Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Delay an unusual business operation

Keep up to date

  • Own Activity Programme
  • Documents, Data and Information
  • Reviewing specific deals during a business relationship
  • Detailed and ongoing monitoring
  • Increased care and other measures
  • Increased degree and nature of business relationship monitoring
  • Risks of legalization and terrorist financing

When inspected by state authorities, it is necessary to prove:

  • Own Activity Programme
  • Written records of the assessment of trades
  • Continuous implementation of care
  • Increased degree, extent and nature of monitoring of the business relationship


  • Client verification and identification
  • Obtaining data from the register of legal entities

Sanctions and fines

in the event of a breach or non-compliance

up to € 1,000,000

Legal entity and Natural person - Entrepreneur

up to € 5,000,000

Financial institution


valid decision imposing a sanction for an administrative offense

Withdrawal of authorization

for business or other self-employed activity

Criminal proceedings

Withdrawal of a case by a law enforcement authority if the facts indicate that a criminal offense has been committed

Supervision and control

by state supervision


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